Testing is one of the most popular verification and validation techniques used today and if it is used in an effective way, it can provide important evidences of quality and reliability of a product. Research in this area has steadily increased in the last years and industrial success cases have been openly reported.

The main goal of SAST is to build a forum that brings the research and industry communities together to discuss improvements in software testing systematization and automation. The 8th edition of SAST will be co-located with the Brazilian Conference on Software: Theory and Practice (CBSoft) and will benefit from other important joint events, such as the Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering (SBES), the Brazilian Symposium on Programming Languages (SBPL), the Brazilian Symposium on Formal Methods (SBFM), and the Brazilian Symposium on Software Components, Architectures and Reuse (SBCARS).

During this period, Maceió will be the place for those interested in Systematic and Automated Software Testing!

Wilkerson de Lucena Andrade (DSC/UFCG), Valdivino Alexandre de Santiago Júnior (LAC/INPE)
SAST 2014 Organizers